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Partnership with Paycor

Posted in News Articles on 12/04/2006

BackTrack is excited about becoming a strategic partner with Paycor, Inc.  Paycor is ‘s largest, independent provider of payroll and human resources services with over 11,000 clients. Over 375 Paycor associates process payroll, prepare payroll taxes and provide other services related to issuing their clients correct and timely payroll checks every payday. Providing superior client service has always been Paycor’s number one goal. In fact, they consider themselves a payroll processing firm, rather than a “data processor.” In other words, Paycor treats customers as people, not numbers. Going forward, their charge is to deliver an outstanding product, exceptional accuracy, and an unfaltering desire to serve.

We feel that our corporate culture fits very well with Paycor’s, our commitment to customer enthusiasm is similar to that of Paycor, and our services will complement each other.  We feel that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship, and we are looking forward to a great, long-term partnership. For more information regarding Paycor’s services, please contact our offices at 800-991-9694.