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How Does BackTrack Obtain Employment, Reference and Education Information?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/16/2007

At BackTrack we work to make our background checks thorough, professional and legal for our clients.  We strive to provide as much detail in the fastest time possible by using the following methods:

  • BackTrack has several databases to verify employer and school phone numbers to ensure that we are contacting the correct institution.
  • If information is incomplete or illegible, BackTrack will contact your applicants (with your permission) to obtain additional information regarding employers, schools and references.
  • We make multiple attempts at contact.  Phone calls are made, and if no response is received, faxes and emails are also sent.  Follow up calls are made and additional faxes and emails are sent.
  • We have several databases containing information on corporate offices for companies.  Corporate offices are contacted if the locations are not responding to our requests or if a location has closed.
  • For employers, we make attempts to contact both the Supervisor and Human Resources.
  • We have staff on duty to accommodate the various time zones, and calls are made at both home and work numbers for references.
  • Turnaround time reports are created for each staff member and their managers to keep track of applicants that are incomplete and need follow up.
  • All staff members have voicemail, email and fax numbers that are given to employers, schools and references to maximize the options to return information to our office.