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BackTrack Offers Affordable Assessment Testing and eScreen Drug Tests

Posted in News Articles on 05/02/2007

BackTrack now offers affordable pre-employment assessment testing for your applicants.  Testing can be completed either via a standard paper and pencil test or via our secure, password protected online site.  Testing options include the Pass III Pre Employment Test which measures work ethic, reliability, drug avoidance and honesty, the Abilities Forecaster, which evaluates problem solving and general mental skills, and the Behavior Forecaster, which measures for job fit and organizational compatibility.  All of these tests can be benchmarked against your top performers and are designed to help your company save time and money by hiring the right person for the job.  The cost for these tests is:

Pass III                    – $12.00 per test
Abilities Forecaster   – $24.00 per test
Behavior Forecaster  – $24.00 per test

BackTrack is now offering eScreen Drug Testing, which is a 5-panel drug test.  This system is designed to eliminate unnecessary manual steps in the drug testing process and eliminates the paper Chain of Custody forms, saving time and money and speeding up the turnaround time for negative results.  BackTrack sets up the appointments, emails your applicant as to where and when the test needs to take place, and returns the results to you quickly and efficiently using eScreen.  The entire testing process can be completed within 15 minutes if the results are negative.  Positive results are sent to the lab for confirmation.  Results can be returned to our clients in minutes, rather than days with the old paper Chain of Custody forms.  Cost is $29 per test.

Interested in adding these services to your employment screening process? Contact our office at 800-991-9694 for details.