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Social Searches

Posted in News Articles on 07/10/2007

What IS a Social Search?
Simply put, a Social Search is way for companies to verify if a social security number is valid and has been issued by the Social Security Administration.  When the number is run through our sources, it provides whether or not the number is valid, the name(s) associated with it, and addresses reported.  It is a good tool to help decide which criminal searches to run, and should really be thought of as an “Address History Search.”

What  ISN’T a Social Search?
The Social Search is run through the credit bureaus and other sources and NOT through the Social Security Administration, so this is not a verification that the name and number match and do belong to your applicant.  The Social Security Administration does not allow for third parties, such BackTrack, to verify social security numbers through them on our clients’ behalf.  The Social Security Administration will verify for employers after a hire is made, but not before.  And the Social Security Administration does not maintain a history of your applicant’s past addresses for commercial purposes, so a search through them would not reveal where to do a criminal search.