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What do I need to send to request a background check?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 09/07/2007

What do I need to send to BackTrack to request a background check?
You should send a completed application and/or resume along with the applicant’s signed consent for a background check.  You can fax or email this information over to us, or you can use our online application and order form.

Which is better – an application or a resume?
A completed application which contains locations of former employers and supervisory information is best.  This allows us to better verify your candidate’s employment information. If a resume is used, it usually contains minimal information and makes it difficult to contact anyone else except human resources for verification.  If you have both documents, it is a good idea to send both.  Many candidates include information on additional employers on a resume that may not be on the application and vice versa.

What form should I use for my candidates’ authorization – my employment application or another release form?
If your application contains a release authorization regarding a background check, you may use it.  If not, we recommend that our clients also have their applicants complete our 50 State Compliant Release Authorization and send it along with their request for a background check.