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Why Use BackTrack?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 10/08/2007

The most significant aspects that distinguish BackTrack from our competition are: The simplicity of requesting a background check;

  • Our online retrieval site is the best in the industry;
  • Our fast turnaround time;
  • The easy reading of our reports;
  • Our responsiveness to our clients and our flexibility;
  • Our dedicated team manager and specialized team of investigators; and
  • Completeness and accuracy of information.

A company can simply fax an application and we can do all of the data entry.  Also, our easy to use online application is available 24×7.  We have the capability to receive reports three ways:

  1. via our online application.  Applications entered online are completed by your applicants inputting the data.  Reports are reviewed by your staff as information is obtained via our password protected proprietary system which is very user friendly and flexible.  It’s a streamlined, efficient, no-hassle way to get the screening process underway;
  2. via fax; or
  3. via email.

Each report logged into our database receives its own control number for tracking.  A typical screening will involve our Operations Department for the process of researching criminal records, driving records, and social security number searches/credit history reports.  From your pre-assigned Investigations team, each report is assigned to an Investigator for phone calls to such contacts as past/current employers, educational institutions, and references.  It is important to note that not only does each client have its own team, which allows for a quick familiarization with your regular and special needs, but also each report is screened by one Investigator from beginning to end to ensure that even the slightest gap or “red flag” is caught and brought to the attention of the client in the report.

With this well choreographed system, we begin posting results on the internet immediately and additional information is posted as it is received.  Clients are given the option of receiving reports by having direct access to our database via the web, by email or by fax.  Access to our database allows the client to view (and print) a report at any time of day and at any phase of the report.   Access to our online site also allows our clients to print Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters along with Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for each applicant.  Our online system does not require your company to purchase any software or add any storage space on their system.  Storage of all reports is kept and archived at BackTrack at no additional cost. Click here for a demonstration of our web capabilities.

Our turnaround time is continually monitored and tracked by management to make sure that your reports are returned to you as quickly as possible, and over 79% or our reports are completed in less than 48 hours. Our online report retrieval site allows our clients to see the progress of their reports in real time and to receive their results as soon as they are entered, allowing you to track the progress of your applicants.

Our reports are sorted by section and any discrepancies or problems are highlighted for easy viewing.  This makes it easy for our clients to find exactly what they need quickly and easily.

We are flexible and accepting of change, and our attitude toward the way we deliver our services reflects this.  We have molded our reports to meet our clients’ needs and standard. We believe in adapting to meet the needs of our clients, not our clients adapting to meet our needs.

Our philosophy regarding customer service is that we treat all of our clients as if they are our only client.  If there is a concern with your service, you may contact the assigned team manager. We respond to every question or concern in a timely manner and work to resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.   We work on a regular basis with many highly respected consultants to our industry with the goal of continued improvement.

We are committed to providing exceptional quality and service to our clients, and we maintain an open door policy. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding your reports, feel free to contact our office and we will work to create a solution that is amenable to everyone.

If you have any questions or would like to test drive our service, contact us at 800-991-9694.