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Instant Searches

Posted in News Articles on 11/08/2007

Many companies offer “instant searches”, but what exactly does that mean?  It means that while you do get the information back immediately, it also means that you need to weed through the results to decide if the records belong to your applicant or not.  Instant criminal database searches can return numerous records, especially if your applicant has a common name.  How do you decide if these records belong to your applicant or not?  And according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, records from a database cannot be used to deny someone employment without first checking the most up-to-date records, usually found on county court level.  So, is this “instant” search really instant?

At BackTrack, we could offer those same searches instantly. However, we feel that our clients are served better by allowing our staff time to review the results for you to help you understand the information that is obtained.  We take a look at the identifiers provided, and whenever a record is found, automatically defer to a county criminal search for you.  So, while this may take a couple hours longer than “instantly” for you to retrieve the results, the time spent by our trained staff reviewing the records will save your staff their valuable time.

If you have questions about these or other searches, contact our office at 800-991-9694.