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Drug Testing Best Practices

Posted in News Articles on 12/06/2007

Which is the best drug test for my company to use – Hair or Urine Testing? Deciding on whether to implement either the hair or urine drug testing program depends on your company’s parameters.  Hair testing usually covers a 90-day period and is virtually tamper proof.  Urine testing covers a smaller time period, but is required for all DOT positions, especially in post-accident situations.

BackTrack offers the option of both types of testing and will work with your company to create a program that best suits your needs.

How do I get my applicants tested?
The client first requests a drug test.  BackTrack locates a collection facility near the applicant’s home address.  The location information and the chain of custody forms are sent to the applicant either by Federal Express or Priority Mail, depending on your preference.  The applicant goes to the collection facility, and the specimen is sent to the testing laboratory for processing.  If the sample returns a positive result, confirmation testing is done.  Results are returned to BackTrack, entered into the background screening report and sent to the client.

What is the average turnaround time for results?
Turnaround time is based upon how quickly the applicant goes to the collection facility.  Once the collection facility collects the specimen, negative results are returned to BackTrack usually within 24 hours and positives within 48 hours.

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