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How does BackTrack handle discrepancies with companies/candidates?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 12/06/2007

If the information we receive does not match the information provided by the candidate, we do question the company or school further clarification.  Explanations are included with the report.

If your company has given BackTrack permission to contact applicants, we may call the applicant for clarification of details provided on the application; however, we do not confront the applicant with those discrepancies.

If information we receive is incorrect, which occasionally happens, it is not an error on our part, but misinformation being disseminated by a court, school or other such repository.  If the applicant disputes information in the report, we follow the guidelines for the FCRA in re-verifying the report and there is no additional charge to your company.  If an inaccuracy is discovered in a report during our quality control process, your company will be notified and a corrected report will be provided noting where the correction took place.  We do not charge our clients for corrections.

For questions, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.