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What Affects Turnaround Time?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/07/2008

BackTrack is proud of the turn around time that we are currently providing; however, there are some courts, companies and institutions where the records reside that can create problems which result in a longer turn around time. However, this is rare.  In most instances our highly trained staff members are very capable of extracting the necessary information by utilizing creative solutions.

BackTrack has evolved and has developed efficiencies that have improved turnaround time significantly in the past 10 years.  We have created databases of schools and employers and have created our own software.  These changes, along with other technological innovations, have enabled us to move our average turnaround time from four business days to less than two business days for over 79% of our reports, and 90% of our reports are completed within three business days. The reports that take longer are a result of circumstances beyond our control, such as court delays, school closings, employers who do not return our telephone calls, and applicants who do not fill out their applications completely. All of these delays have a negative action on our turnaround time.

If you have any questions regarding turnaround time, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.