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What is CrimeTrack?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/07/2008

CrimeTrack is a national criminal database search consisting of millions of records from all 50 states. These records have been pulled from various state courts, state correctional institutions and BackTrack’s own history of criminal records obtained from applicants screened in the past through county and state databases. This is the most complete proprietary database currently available to the non-law enforcement community. CrimeTrack is in a constant state of growth. We are adding new records continually and expanding its scope.

This database, which is very extensive, is by no means complete and will not reveal the most up-to-date information; however, it does search millions of criminal records for a very small price. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that any records found in a database be verified through a direct search of court records before taking any adverse action against an individual. In order for this information to be compliant with the FCRA, it must reflect the current record of the person. Even though some of the data is less than 24 hours old, when a “hit” is found through our CrimeTrack search, we follow up with a county search to determine if the record does or does not belong to your applicant and the current status of that record. We suggest that our clients use CrimeTrack as an additional search to enhance their standard criminal searches in county, federal and/or official statewide repositories, not to replace them.

We currently search jurisdictions by home addresses and places of employment, which are often revealed in the credit report or employment application. However, many criminals have been found guilty of crimes in other jurisdictions and normal search criteria would allow those individual records to slip through. In today’s world people move about and relocate with ease. This mobility makes it easy for individuals to effectively hide their pasts and start fresh in a new location. In fact, the most determined criminals probably fall into this category. We have found that by using CrimeTrack, 6% of the background checks reveal hidden records that are not normally uncovered using standard search criteria.

If your company would like to add this search to their packages, please contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.