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BackTrack Billing Questions

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 02/07/2008

Our accounting system is proprietary software we wrote in-house which allows us the flexibility to customize invoices and reports based on our clients’ needs.  BackTrack has the ability to itemize your billing based on location or any other criteria set up by your company.

With the multiple sites ordering their own background checks and making their own hiring decisions, we can help your company track compliance with corporate policy.  We offer the following reports and services:

  • Listing of each applicant ordered and the services ordered.
  • Sorting for adverse information.
  • Providing variance data for corporate evaluation and overview.

We can supply both scheduled and ad-hoc reports to you via email. We have several reports that may be sent, including:

  • Discrepancy Report: This report will list the total number of each service you have ordered.  It will then list the total Discrepancies (concerns) found in those services.
  • Client Services Billed: This report will list all the services for which you were invoiced for any set time period along with how many applicants were screened.  It will break the services down by location / Requestor / Cost Code (if your company uses cost codes)
  • Client Turnaround Time: This report will list the turnaround time for each individual order and also give you an average of the turnaround time for all orders.

We will customize the above reports or create new reports to suit your specific needs.  Contact our office at 800-991-9496 to see how our accounting system can help you.