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Quality Control at BackTrack

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 02/07/2008

What is BackTrack’s internal quality control? How are results tracked and evaluated?
We are committed to providing exceptional quality and service to our clients, and we maintain an open door policy with all of our clients.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding your reports, feel free to contact our office and we will work to create a solution that is amenable to everyone.

We utilize a fully operational Quality Control program in which our Quality Control Manager oversees and maintains our current level of high standards.  The department strives to bring potential problems to light and maintain uniformity of procedures and standards while minimizing errors.  We have a Quality program that assures our clients of a consistently accurate and easily understood product.

Quality Control procedures begin as soon as a report is entered into our system.  Our Operations department checks any information that is illegible or incomplete directly with the clients.   From there, a control form listing your company’s standard practices is generated and accompanies the application through the entire screening process.  Information is double-checked for accuracy before it is sent to our criminal and employment investigators.  Our invoicing department conducts a final check on all reports ensuring that all work has been completed before issuing invoices.  Quality audits are performed on a daily basis, checking each investigator’s work.

We have also instituted a re-verification procedure in which our Quality Control Manager listens to phone calls made by the investigators, compares information provided by the applicant, and to the report that was provided to the client.  Our call accounting and recording systems are used to recheck reports.  The Team Managers and Quality Control Manager regularly review calls made by our investigators to ensure that they are following standards and returning accurate information to our clients.  Weekly Quality Control reports are issued to all Managers highlighting any trends, inconsistencies or potential problem areas.

Standards for quality are continually reviewed with our staff.  If there are any issues found with an investigator, retraining takes place.

Discrepancies or problems in verification are brought to the team manager’s attention during the screening process.  When appropriate, the team manager will re-contact and re-verify information that was obtained.

We test our criminal vendors as an on-going process, and we have implemented a tracking program for our criminal records vendors.  In addition, we measure and track their hit ratios to indicate their accuracy and take action when there are indications of potential problems.  Any vendor who does not meet or exceed our standards is dismissed.

Contact BackTrack with questions regarding our quality program at 800-991-9694.