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Most Common Lies on a Resume

Posted in News Articles on 03/03/2008

A recent poll of hiring managers found that 57% have caught a lie on a candidate’s application or resume.  Some of the most common lies that were found include an applicant stretching dates to cover up employment gaps, past employment information to include inflation of wages or job title, academic degrees either not issued or issued from a non-accredited institution, and technical skills and certifications that are either inflated or non-existent.

In today’s job market, applicants are going to try to make their resume stand out over any other resume that has been received.   A lot of time what they are looking for is to get their foot in the door, get that interview, and then get that job. If an employer is not screening prior to hiring, the inconsistencies may never be found.

While background screening is becoming more common for larger and mid-sized companies, there are still several that do not screen their candidates.  And it is just as important to screen even if your company is smaller.  If your company is not screening candidates, what are you missing that could potentially put your company and your clients at risk?  Can you afford the risks in not running a background check on your candidates?

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