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Employment Applications vs. Resumes?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 06/09/2008

Many times our clients ask us:   which is better –  an employment application or a resume?  While a resume usually is easier to read, an employment application usually provides much more information for a background check.  Employment applications usually have a spot to list a supervisor’s name, a reason for leaving, a salary, a city and state location or even a street address and other details.  Resumes are usually lacking in those details, which are very important when doing a background check.

Employment applications have a spot for a signature and a date and may also be considered legal documents, where resumes are not.  Applications usually contain legal information that my help protect an employer.  If an applicant falsifies information on an application, the employer does have some legal recourse in not hiring, not promoting or not retaining an employee who falsifies information.  Resumes do not offer that protection.

Resumes may also contain information that may not be considered in the hiring decision, including information about protected classes.  And the lack of uniformity in resumes may also lead to charges of discrimination.

So, which is better?  Definitely the employment application.  For more information on how to upgrade your employment screening process, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.