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Employment Verifications

Posted in News Articles on 06/09/2008

We frequently get the question from our clients – how do you verify employment information at BackTrack?

All employment screening is done in house by our staff of trained investigators.  All of our staff is housed in our offices located outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  Your applicants’ information does not leave our secure facility and is not warehoused or verified by staff members located overseas.

Each client is assigned to one team manager who assesses the applicants as they are received and is very familiar with your company’s needs and requirements, so if there are any special requests for your applicants, we can be sure they are followed.

Each report is assigned to one Investigator for contact with past and/or current employers.   This enables to us to efficiently follow an applicant from start to finish and to highlight any discrepancies or problem areas as they are uncovered.  Our staff conducts interviews via phone, fax and email with supervisors and/or Human Resource representatives to verify employment.

Our basic plus questions include dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, job performance, duties, attendance, attitude, and promotability.  BackTrack can customize questions to meet your specific hiring needs.  Years of employment history may vary based on your needs, but we recommend a five year search.

For more information on our employment verification process, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.