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How Has BackTrack Increased Turnaround Time on Criminal Records Searches?

Posted in News Articles on 06/09/2008

In the past, the industry average turnaround time for criminal records was around 72 hours.  At the time, that was pretty good.  In this day and age, that kind of turnaround time is unacceptable.  How has BackTrack improved its turnaround time on criminal records?  First of all, our technology allows us to communicate with our criminal researchers in the field throughout the entire day.  If we need to send over a request or if our researcher needs to send results, we can and do communicate all day.

Second, we have weeded out the court runners who do not perform to our standards.  Some court runners only go out to a court a couple of times per week or only when they have several cases to research.  We require our court runners to go out and research when a request is sent to them, not just when it is convenient for them.

And third, we have changed how records are sent to our court runners.  They are sent out several times per day instead of just once or twice in big batches.  We send and receive court results all day long, which in turn allows us to get the results faster and allows you to make your hiring decision much more quickly.

We realize that your hiring decisions depend on the speed and efficiency of our results, so we are constantly working with our staff to find better and new ways to get results to our clients as quickly and as accurately as possible.

If you have any questions about our criminal records, please contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.