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BackTrack’s Competitive Advantage

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 07/02/2008

BackTrack is a company that has been a pioneer in our industry as among the first to provide the dedicated team concept to our clients.  Our team concept, a group of investigators and a manager assigned to specific companies, allows us to become familiar with the needs of your company.  Our team members work on a day-to-day basis with our client companies and are generally on a first name basis with all of the important contacts within those companies.  In essence, our teams strive to become an integral adjunct member of your recruiting process.

Working closely with a new client, we will assess the service needs and assign the appropriate number of investigators to the account.  Our management staff continually monitors the number of requests from a client and adjusts the number of investigators to ensure that quality and turnaround time are kept at peak performance.  Every client receives personalized service and feedback throughout the screening process.

Our philosophy regarding customer service states that we treat all of our clients as if they are our only client. If there is a question or a concern with your service, you may contact the key account manager or the assigned team manager.  Our phones are answered by a person who is able to direct the call to the appropriate party for an answer.  We respond to every question or concern in a timely manner and work to resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.

BackTrack does all of the “front-end work” relieving our clients of activities normally done by the Human Resource department.  All your company needs to do to start a background check is to fax the application and release over to our office.  From that point on BackTrack employees review your order for completeness and key in all of the information.  The BackTrack team frequently initiates telephone calls to applicants seeking clarification about the missing details.  Information such as dates of birth, high school location, location of former employers, maiden or other names used, and date of graduation, are just a few examples of missing pieces that our staff retrieves from your applicants.  The vast majority of BackTrack’s competitors require that the Human Resource department key in all of that information in required fields.   BackTrack provides all of this service, which relieves our clients and their staff of this time-consuming labor.

With the online web report retrieval method of receiving reports, we offer the ability for clients to add their own notes to a completed report, which are stored electronically along with the applicant’s report.  With this system, clients no longer have to “dig” through paperwork and files.  By simply logging into their “electronic file cabinet” in our database, they can pull up a report with their own notes attached.   We offer the ability to automatically generate an adverse action letter with our client’s name, date, and applicant’s name on our letterhead outlining the applicant’s rights.  Clients who use the method also have direct access to the person who worked on their reports.  Each report retrieved online has the name and phone extension of the staff member who worked on the report as well as an email link to that person, so you have easy access if any questions arise.

Interested in adding customer service to your background screening program?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to set up your account.