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How Do I Order a Background Check?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 10/06/2008

How may I order a background check on my applicants?  How hard it this to do?

At BackTrack, we have the capability to receive reports four ways:

  • using our online application;
  • integration with various applicant tracking systems (ATS);
  • via fax; or
  • via email.

BackTrack has created an online application that allows your applicants to input their data into our secure website.  Applications are reviewed by your staff as information is obtained via our password protected proprietary system which is very user friendly and flexible.  It’s a streamlined, efficient, no-hassle way to get the screening process underway by simply clicking a button to send your order to our office.

BackTrack is currently integrated with several applicant tracking systems and have the capability to integrate with others as we are HR-XML certified.  Our IT staff will work with the ATS staff and with yours to help create a system that works for your company.

Faxing and emailing the applications to our office are both simple ways to get the process started.  Simply send the application to our office via fax or email and we will start your background check.

Allowing our clients to use any of these methods to request the background checks makes the process as painless as possible.  When you use BackTrack for your employment screening needs, we set up standards and procedures for your company’s background checks.  Once we receive the application, our staff starts processing the order right away using your pre-determined directions, so that we can get the results sent to you as soon as possible.

Interested in trying out our painless procedures to order a background check?  Contact our office at 800-991-9694 to learn more.