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Employment and Education Verification Fees

Posted in News Articles on 11/03/2008

More companies and schools are outsourcing their employment and education data to outside companies.  In order to access this data, the verifier needs to pay an additional fee.

Why do employers and schools do this?  Some companies cite the need to keep their company in compliance by only providing minimal verifying information on their current and former employees, namely dates of employment, position held, and salary.  Companies have also decreased the size their Human Resource staff, and outsourcing this piece frees up the remaining staff to handle other issues.

Many colleges and universities use these services for the same reasons – they can have a smaller staff in their records office to address concerns.  Other schools see this as an income generating process for them, as the verification service provides a portion of the fees they charge directly to the schools.  One advertising piece states that the school can turn a former expense into an income stream.

What does this mean for my company?  In most cases, company Human Resource Representatives and school Registrars’ Staff Members will no longer provide these verifications directly to the employment screening service or employer and refer these verifications to their websites.  We have done studies at BackTrack and estimate that nearly 46% of employers and 37% of colleges and universities we contact on a regular basis refer verifiers to their third party verification system.  With the growth in advertising and recruitment from these companies, we do expect those numbers to grow.

BackTrack does make every effort to obtain information from another official source, including supervisors for employers, but there are times when we must contact these services.  Many of our clients have set up blanket policies stating that we may always or never contact these services on their behalf.  Others wish to be notified each time and make the decision on a case-by-case basis.  We will work with your company to provide the most information for the most cost effective solution.  For more information on these services, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.