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BackTrack Online Ordering System

Posted in News Articles on 01/12/2009

Does your company want the convenience of an online application without the expense or time of developing one in-house?  BackTrack has an online application that your company can use and that is integrated with our screening system to allow for a paperless solution.  Our system requires no special programs be installed and is available at no additional cost to your company.  All that is required is a computer that is connected to the internet!

Your applicants access our password-protected and secure website to enter their information.  Once that is done, your company can review the application online, and then with the click of a button, send it to our offices electronically to be screened.  A streamlined, efficient, no hassle way to process your applicants.

A great feature of our system includes the ability to capture a “real” signature from your applicant, in addition to an electronic one.  While the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 does state the electronic signature may be considered as valid as an actual signature, there are still many schools and employers who will not accept it.  With our system the applicants have the ability to sign the release form electronically using their mouse as the “pen” which provides an actual signature that schools and employer will accept.

This paperless signature is also available for use at no additional charge.  We’ll send an email to the applicant including instructions and a link to the electronic signature website.  The applicant signs the release and a copy is sent directly to BackTrack and the applicant, saving your company the hassle of obtaining and sending the signature to our office.

Interested in either the Online Application or the Electronic Signature Release Authorization, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.