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CrimeTrack National Criminal Database and Sex Offender Search

Posted in News Articles on 02/06/2009

For just a small price you can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your current screening program.  Our national criminal search, CrimeTrack, is a collection of databases with over five hundred million records from hundreds of sources within the United States.  The records are obtained from County Court Houses, State Departments of Incarcerations, State Record Repositories, Probation Departments, and Sex Offender Registries.

Beyond reporting felonies and misdemeanors at the state and county levels, searches also include at no additional cost:

  • 50 State Sex Offender Registry
  • FBI Most Wanted
  • US Marshals
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Americas Most Wanted
  • US Customs
  • US Secret Service
  • ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)
  • Government Watch & Terrorist Search
  • and much more…

Why CrimeTrack?

  • Multi-state database search consisting of hundreds of millions of records from all over the United States, including a 50 state sexual offenders search and the terrorist search.
  • CrimeTrack reveals hidden records that are not normally found using the standard search criteria.  Remember mobility now makes crimes much easier to hide.
  • These records have been pulled from hundreds of state and county courts, state correctional institutions and BackTrack’s own history of criminal records obtained from applicants screened in the past.
  • This is the most complete proprietary database currently available to the non-law enforcement community.
  • At last count, CrimeTrack contained over 501,000,000 records and is in a constant state of growth.
  • New records are added continually and the scope is expanding.

Click here for a full listing of all the areas it covers

Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to add CrimeTrack to your services.