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Exit Interviews

Posted in News Articles on 04/13/2009

There are many stories in the news these days about company layoffs and downsizing, but one area that has not received nearly as much attention is employee retention.  We have all read the stories about layoffs or have experienced them, but there are still companies hiring, especially in key roles.  Recruiters are still calling into companies looking for employees who want to try another opportunity.  Are you doing all that you can to retain your key people even during this economic downturn?

BackTrack offers an important tool that allows your company to gain an understanding as to why people may have left your company – what they liked and did not like.  With an effective Exit Interview program, your company can learn from the past experiences of departing employees and gain an opportunity to improve management/employment practices accordingly.  Effective Employee Exit Interviews are an opportunity to diagnose problems and improve performance within the company.

You can customize the survey with questions that are relevant to your organization. We will contact the departing employee via email with the link to go online and complete the confidential survey. The employee can use any computer with an internet connection to complete the confidential online survey.  Employees and past employees complete this survey with ease and confidence that their responses are confidential.  Employees are 98% more likely to complete a survey due to the confidentiality.


  • Increase company objectivity by having employee exit interviews handled by a fair, independent third-party…..BackTrack.
  • Benchmark against industry and company norms for the exit interview survey items.
  • Analyze exit interviews to determine if employee satisfaction impacts turnover.
  • Track trends in employee exit interview satisfaction to measure improvements made.
  • Results are available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Convenient and easy for exiting staff to complete.
  • Delivers anonymous feedback to maximize responses.
  • Provides pre-defined or custom built interview questions.
  • Provides insight instantly and objectively.
  • Results of surveys can be exported to Excel for analyzing.
  • Reports can be assembled by many different parameters and are extremely flexible.
  • Easily identifies key turnover trends.
  • Helps to reduce turnover by providing accurate, objective information on why people are leaving.
  • Exit Interviews help identify issues and allows for you to propose solutions for turnover trends of employees.

With employee turnover widely recognized as a key organizational concern, BackTrack’s ONLINE EXIT SURVEY’S could well be your answer to identifying staffing issues and ultimately saving the company money.

Want to learn more about exit interviews?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.