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Employment Verification and Reference Checking

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2009

Is your company taking advantage of BackTrack’s employment verification and reference checking services?  Is your company either skipping these valuable pieces of information or are you trying to do these in house with your HR team?  BackTrack offers affordable solutions for employment verifications and references to our clients.

With the downsizing of companies, many human resource departments do not have the staff, time or resources to complete a thorough background investigation on their new employees.  Our only business is screening applicants, and this allows us to meet these needs for our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Many human resource professionals feel they have the expertise to scan a candidate’s work history on a resume and get the total picture.  Once they see a BackTrack report, our clients are amazed at the precise findings and added depth we provide with interviews with former supervisors and personnel departments.  Our onsite staff members are trained in how to elicit information on your applicants and can provide a great amount of detail on your potential hires.  One staff member works on the employment and reference sections to follow your applicant through the process.  This allows us to become familiar with the applicant and to catch any discrepancies or areas of concern to bring them to your attention, and in addition to the usual verification of dates, titles, functions and salaries, our investigators can ask customized questions that are relevant to your organization,

Standard practices would be set up with your company detailing the parameters you wish us to follow regarding employment verification.  Standards include whether or not to contact current employment, the number of employers to verify, or how many years of employment to search.  Our onsite staff conducts interviews via phone, fax and email with supervisors and/or Human Resource representatives to verify employment.  Several attempts are made to obtain verification.  Our basic plus questions include dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, job performance, duties, attendance, attitude, and promotability.  BackTrack can customize questions to meet your specific hiring needs.  Years of employment history may vary based on your needs, but we recommend a five year search.

When contacting references, our onsite investigative staff conducts interviews via phone, fax and email with the references.  We have staff available during both daytime and evening hours to accommodate the various time zones and to reach references at their home phone numbers (if provided).  Providing the references with various ways to respond based on their preference speeds up the process.  Our standard questions include the length of time and how the reference is acquainted with the applicant, comments on character, honesty and dependability, why the applicant is seeking employment, a recommendation, strengths and weaknesses.  We are also able to customize questions to meet your specific hiring needs.

Using our staff members asking your standard questions every time can also help your company with compliance because each employer or reference contacted for your applicants is asked the same set of questions each time.  It will also free up your HR staff to work on other important projects.

Ready to ease the burden on your HR department?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to discuss how we can help.