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Site Inspections

Posted in News Articles on 06/10/2009

We have received questions from our clients asking why a site inspection needs to be done on their company if they want to order a credit report.  The short answer is the credit bureaus require it before we can order and provide a credit report to them for employment purposes.  The whys behind that answer are very important and are intended to protect consumers from identity theft or any other misuse of their personally identifiable information (PII).

Why is a site inspection necessary?  Several years ago a firm that sells consumer credit reports sold them to individuals claiming to be legitimate businesses.  In order to prevent that from happening again, any company such as BackTrack, is required by the credit bureaus to verify that they are providing credit reports and other services to legitimate businesses with a legitimate need to have the information.  One part of that is to do that is a site inspection.

What happens during a site inspection?  An inspector will come to your office to verify that the company does exist and that it is a legitimate organization.  Some of things the inspector will look for include is there a permanent business sign, is the space used for the business in an office environment or is it in a private home, does the address the company uses match the address it provides to customers, is there a business license displayed and is there a security system present.  While different companies may use different types of office space, the main purpose is to verify that it is a legitimate business entity.  The inspector may also speak with employees in the company and will take pictures of the office.  In most cases the site inspection can be done in less than a half hour.

Once the site inspection is done, a report is issued to our company, including the pictures.  This inspection report is kept with the company file per our agreement with the credit bureaus.

Do you have any other questions on site inspections?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 for more information.