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Education Verifications

Posted in News Articles on 07/06/2009

Does your CEO have the degree that is listed in the company biography?
Does your candidate really have the degree he or she states?
How will you know just by looking at the resume or application provided?

Competition for jobs is fierce these days, and the most common area to be overstated on resumes is in the education section.  In May we talked about Employment Verification and Reference Checking and the importance of doing those checks on your applicants.  Educations are just as important to verify, and in many cases, even more so.  Stories abound in the news these days about CEOs of companies, government officials, college officers and others in positions of trust who do not have the degrees that are listed in the “official” biography or their resumes.  Companies who receive this type of negative publicity have trouble regaining trust from their clients and suffer.

Do your candidates just need a high school diploma or G.E.D. for the job?  Do you want every degree verified?  Do you want transcripts on your candidates?  BackTrack will work with your company to set up screening policies for verifying education, and our highly trained staff takes over from there.  We contact the schools directly and talk to guidance counselors, school registrars, and others who have access to official school records.

Educations are also given priority handling in our office because we realize their importance in your hiring decisions.  We have created a database of schools across the country and around the world containing information needed to verify an education – who to contact and how – that speeds up turnaround time.  We even have a special team who handles these and who are familiar to schools across the country.

Are you taking advantage of BackTrack’s education verifications, one of the most commonly misrepresented areas on resumes and applications?  If not, contact our office at 800-991-9694 to add this to your services.