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Security and Privacy of Data

Posted in News Articles on 07/06/2009

What happens to the data that is sent to BackTrack when a background check is ordered?  How will I know the information that I send is not going to be sold to someone else?  How secure is the information I send?

There are stories in the news about companies who lose data on their employees or on their customers.  BackTrack handles thousands of pieces of confidential information weekly, and we take the security and privacy of ALL data we receive seriously by having policies in place that are strictly enforced to protect data that is sent to our office.

Laptop computers do not contain any sensitive data.  All computers must be hooked up through our internal network to have access to any of our sensitive data, and we do not allow our employees to work remotely from home.  All staff members must complete their work in our office where computers can be monitored.  Thumb drives or other removable storage devices are also forbidden.

Information that is transmitted through our website is encrypted.  We use secure servers and require users to protect and change their passwords frequently to help protect the data.  Data may only be retrieved on orders sent by the client, and clients do not have access to any other reports other than those they have specifically requested.

Information we receive is never sold, shared or given away as mailing lists or sent to anyone other than the authorized party who requested it.  We only do business with other registered, legitimate businesses that are thoroughly vetted or physically inspected, and who have obtained written permission from their applicants to obtain the information.

All of our employees are aware of the sensitive nature of the information we handle during the course of the day and have had thorough background checks done on them before and during their employment.  Training reviews also take place periodically with all of our staff members reviewing data protection.

No documents may leave our office or even the company grounds.  Paper documents that are no longer needed are shredded onsite by our shredding company and the shredding is monitored by our Security Officer.  All papers must  be shredded and are not thrown into a garbage can.  Our Security Officer also checks to see that no papers are thrown into the garbage or leave the building.

For more information on BackTrack’s privacy policy, click here or contact our office at 800-991-9694.