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Annual Criminal and Driving Check Program

Posted in News Articles on 08/07/2009

You did a background check on your employees before they started working with your company, and they passed your screening criteria.  You are done, right?  Wrong.

Smart employers understand that an annual screening program which includes criminal checks and/or driving records can help save their company from embarrassment or liability down the road.  Just because there were no criminal convictions or driving issues when you hired your employees does not mean that they will never happen. Employees can be convicted of criminal activity after they have been hired that could impact your business or your company’s good name.  Your employees are one of your greatest assets, so don’t let them turn into a potential liability.

Our annual criminal check and annual driving programs are very cost effective and easy to use.  Simply supply a spreadsheet of employee information and we will take over from there.

Interested in adding this to your background screening program?  Contact BackTrack at 800-91-9694.