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Employment Screening Vendors and RFP’s

Posted in News Articles on 08/07/2009

Does your company use the RFI/RFP process for purchasing goods and services?   This process is a sound procedure when you are comparing apples to apples or buying goods.  However, RFP’s for a background screening vendor rarely make sense.

In the past most companies had their Human Resource or Safety Department decide on the necessity and types of background screening that should be done for their company, and then choose a background screening partner.  The company and the background screening provider became familiar with each others’ needs and requirements, and relationships were forged between the companies.

Fast forward to the future, and many companies are getting their Procurement Departments involved in the process to choose a supplier for background screening.  While in theory this sounds to be a good plan – use our procurement staff to get us the best prices for what we want – in practice, this really does not allow your company to choose what is best.  Lowering costs for goods and services can save your company money, but at what cost?

Background screening is a critical service in a company’s efforts to be compliant and secure. There is not an automated procedure or process that can be used on every applicant. To ensure the highest degree of security each request must be carefully considered by a skilled and experienced investigator.

Simply choosing a vendor for background screening based on price does not always translate into getting a good product.  Successful background screening should be a partnership between the companies in which both sides are available for questions and to help each other navigate through the myriad of laws and requirements.

We have no problem with companies exploring partnering with service providers.  It is certainly important to get the best service for the lowest cost; however, this method of choosing a background screening company is not in your best interest.  This process would not be utilized in the selection of a law firm, or an advertising agency, and should not be used in the selection of a background screening company that is engaged in providing a customized service.

We have found that the lowest priced vendor almost always wins the business.  We have also found that in most cases, the service provided by the lowest bidder was less than expected.  BackTrack is neither the cheapest nor the highest priced screening company.  We have balanced our operating expenses with the service levels expected by our customers

Interested in a level of service that will compliment your background screening costs and needs?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.