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How Did You Do That?

Posted in News Articles on 09/08/2009

A common question we get is where do we get our information for the background screening reports we provide to our clients.  There is a large misconception that secret databases and information stockpiles exist and that by simply typing in a person’s name or social security number you’ll get to know everything about the person.  In part, this is caused by the internet.  It has become increasingly common to use the internet to find a wealth of information on people.  Over the past several years, any time you have a question you could go to the internet for the answer.  “Just Google it” is a common phrase heard around the world.

However, when background screening is added to this equation, you have to be very careful if you just use internet sources.  If you do an internet search for criminal records, the records you find may not be accurate.  You may be getting records of arrests where cases have been dismissed or someone was found not guilty.  You may even find inaccurate information or information that isn’t really related to whomever you are searching for – all information that you cannot and should not use when you are making a hiring decision.

At BackTrack, we get the information for you the old fashioned way.  We call the employers and schools directly, and get criminal records information directly from official county repositories.  We give our clients information from official and up-to-date sources.  The information we provide to you will be in a report that you can view, print, or keep in a file.  That report is also going to be FCRA compliant and can be used as a tool when you make a hiring decision.

Interested in getting information you can use to make a hiring decision, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.