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Turnaround Time at BackTrack?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 09/08/2009

How long does it take to receive information from a background check?
Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours for over 50% of our reports, and less than 48 hours for nearly 80%.  The vast majority of our reports (over 90%) are completed in three business days or less.  Our turnaround time on every order is monitored, and management receives a weekly report containing turnaround times and averages.

What causes delays in getting the information back?
The most common delays in returning information to our clients are schools and employers taking a long time in responding to our requests for information.  Another delay which is becoming more common are court records and criminal search delays due to staffing and budget reductions in county courthouses.  BackTrack does everything possible to return the information to our clients as quickly as possible, but these are delays that are beyond our control.

When I send an order to BackTrack, how soon do they start working on it?
Your orders are logged into our computer system as soon as we receive them, and processing of the work starts right away.  Our processing department reviews your orders to ensure that we have all of the needed information from your company to perform the searches you requested.  If any information is missing or illegible, we do contact your office (or your applicants with your permission) for clarification.  Any work that can be started before clarification is begun; any work that needs clarification begins once we receive the additional information.

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