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Employment Screening for 2010

Posted in News Articles on 01/06/2010

Good news – most employment indicators are stating that hiring will pick up in 2010.  Is your company ready to hire?  Is your screening program up-to-date?

Many companies set up screening programs and then do not review them to make sure they are getting the best background report they can on their new hires.

Are you running both a social search and criminal records searches on all of your applicants?  The social search can help pinpoint where the person has lived which will help in determining where to search for criminal records.

Are you running the same background check on everyone?  Does the accountant get the same searches as your company drivers?  We can help you customize packages based on job classifications, so that your company can do the most appropriate searches for the position.

Are you doing drug testing on your applicants?  BackTrack has partnered with some of the premier drug testing companies and can help you streamline your processes.

Are you taking advantage of the specialized searches we can do for your company?  We can screen drivers according to the Department of Transportation regulations, we have access to credentialing information in the medical field, we can check out those in the financial sector, and we have many, many more searches that can benefit your company.

Isn’t it time to start the new year off right and review your current screening program?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to discuss how to get the best searches for your company.