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Services at BackTrack

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 01/06/2010

Is your company taking advantage of all of the services we have to offer at BackTrack?  We offer the “normal” services you would expect from a background screening company – criminal records checks, education and employment verifications; however, we offer a full array of services designed to compliment your Human Resources / Staffing Department.

Are you using our online application?  We offer an online application that your applicants can complete, and then with a simple click of a button, you can order the background check.  This solution allows us to capture your applicant’s actual signature using the mouse as a pen, and there is no charge to our clients to use our online application.

Did you know we offer drug testing?  We partner with some of the premier drug testing companies and offer both urine and hair testing.  We can help your company do pre-hire testing, DOT testing, random testing and help to manage other drug testing programs.

Do you do assessment testing?  We offer several options that allow you to screen your applicants for skills, behaviors and personality traits to help you find the right applicants for your jobs.

Do you do exit interviews?  Exit interviews can provide great insight into the real reasons people are leaving your company, thus allowing you to diagnose problems and improve performance in your company.

Are you looking for payroll services or applicant tracking systems?  We partner with some great companies who can provide these services to your company.

Interested in working with an employment screening company who goes beyond the “normal?”  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to see how we can help you.