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Survey Shows Many HR Execs Support Profiling as an Airport Security Strategy

Posted in Press Releases on 01/07/2010

Mentor, OH –A new survey indicates that an overwhelming majority of human resources
executives may favor the judicious use of profiling when it comes to airport security.

The survey was conducted by BackTrack, an employment screening firm based in Mentor,
Ohio. BackTrack CEO Robert Gandee says that of the 546 survey respondents, most said they
would support the use of profiling for security purposes in airports.

“We found this interesting on several fronts,” Gandee said. “First, the survey results were
incredibly decisive. Of those expressing an opinion, 77% said they’d support profiling. Second,
we believe that the nature of the survey audience is significant here. These are human resources
executives – many of whom work for very large companies that do business on an international
basis. So the respondents are folks who are very aware of HR-related ethics and norms. They
understand the importance of treating people equitably, and not jumping to conclusions about
books based on book covers. And yet these professionals apparently also believe that airport
safety trumps political correctness – that when it’s logical and pragmatic to use profiling to
enhance airport security, we should do so.”

The online survey was conducted during December 2009 and January 2010. It was distributed to
3,800 management professionals with hiring and/or other HR responsibilities at USA-based

Founded in 1994 by Gandee, BackTrack is among America’s leading employment screening
companies. The firm handles a full range of pre-employment and related services that span
background checks, drug testing, criminal records and sex offender searches, and education
and employment verifications. Flexible reporting, great technology, and fast turnaround have
been the catalysts for BackTrack’s growth according to Gandee.

“We work with large and small companies throughout North America and beyond, Gandee said.
“We think it’s just smart business to keep our finger on the pulse of what our clients and
potential clients are thinking, so we occasionally conduct surveys to enhance our understanding
of our marketplace.”

Gandee adds that a more serious focus on security issues is a trend he has noted among clients.
“This survey result would seemingly dovetail with what we’re seeing in our industry,” he noted.
“Companies are being much more vigilant about the hiring and monitoring of their most
important asset – their workforce. They’re utilizing more of our services to make sure that people
who may pose a danger to their employees and their brand don’t end up on their payrolls.
They’re also very aware that job applicants can be incredibly sneaky and dishonest sometimes,
and that professional, comprehensive screening is the most reliable way to guard against
potential problems.”

For complete survey results or for more information, please contact: BackTrack, Inc. 800-991-