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Employment Mills

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2010

In the past we have talked about Diploma Mills and how candidates can buy their diplomas on the web.  Did you know that there are also companies out there who will, for a fee, falsify someone’s employment credentials as well?

There are several companies available through the internet that will provide “verification” of employment, provide “references,” and even provide “documentation” that a candidate was employed.  Applicants can create their own company or have these services pretend to be a legitimate company to verify past employment.  The services provide phone numbers and email addresses to the candidates who then list them on their applications.

With the job market as tight as it is these days, some candidates believe that they need an edge to get noticed.  Some use these services to cover up gaps in employment, others do this to hide the fact that they were placed on layoff, and others do this to conceal that they were fired from a job.

What can your company do to help protect itself from these services?  At BackTrack, we do not merely rely on the phone numbers provided by the applicants to verify their employment.  We do independent research through the internet and through our own databases of companies, so that we can contact companies directly through legitimate phone numbers.

We have created three databases that contain phone and fax numbers for employers – one for all of the companies that have been previously contacted by BackTrack, one that contains corporate information where verification can be obtained, and one that is specific to Department of Transportation positions where drug and alcohol test results may be obtained.  All of these databases are kept up-to-date.

Phone numbers for employers that are provided by the applicants are checked before calling through another source, including internet phone number sites and our employment databases.  We also utilize our Data Entry team to locate phone numbers for reports where the information was not previously provided.  Our Data Entry staff excel at locating phone numbers.

For more information on this topic, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.