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Technology and Online Signatures

Posted in News Articles on 05/01/2010

More and more companies are using electronic applications or applicant tracking systems.  While these can be great time savers for your company, there are some things to consider.

Does your company capture a “real” signature with your application or do you collect an electronic one?  Electronic ones are recognized a legal valid signatures, but there are still some schools, companies, and state agencies who will not accept them for releasing information.  In the past the candidate had to be contacted and provided with a paper release form, sign it and then get it back to our office.  This process added hours, if not days, to the turnaround time.

BackTrack does have a quick, easy, and simple to use solution to this problem.  We can contact your applicants via email and send them a link to our online signature page.  The release can be signed using a computer mouse and immediately sent to our office.  This signature is widely accepted and can be collected in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.  And best of all – this online signature is available for your company at no additional charge!

Interested in using this solution for your company?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.