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Quality Background Checks

Posted in News Articles on 06/01/2010

Quality is a very important component in a background check.  Knowing that the company who is performing the background checks prides itself on the quality of its work should be important to your company.

We have extensive policies and procedures in place that are enforced to ensure the quality and accuracy of the work performed.  Every team member is responsible for checking all information entered on reports, either by them or others, for any issues or errors.

All information is checked for accuracy before it is submitted to our vendors for criminal records, driving or social security searches to ensure we are obtaining information on the correct person.

Before a criminal record has been returned to you, all hits are double checked and signed off by a manager in the criminal records department.  Any ambiguous or unclear information is clarified before it is sent to your office.

All operations information, which include social searches, credit reports and motor vehicle reports among others, is checked before a you may view them to ensure we have received accurate information.

We have a full quality control system in place for all investigations components where the Quality Manager randomly pulls reports and checks the for accuracy and procedural details from every investigator.  Much more detailed re-checks are done on a rotating basis where the Quality Manager listens to every phone call made for a report and compares the information reported to the client to what the applicant submitted and what was obtained on the phone call(s).

All new staff members work under the Training Manager and/or their Team Manager and have all worked checked and signed off before it may be sent to your office.

A final check is done on the report during the billing process to ensure that all required information has been obtained and sent to you.  All invoices are audited before they are sent to clients to ensure that services billed match what was done and requested by the staff.

At BackTrack, every report undergoes quality checks from the moment it is logged into our system until it has been billed.  Each member of our team knows that you are counting on us to provide you with the best report possible, so that you can make an informed hiring decision.

Interested in obtaining a quality background check for your company?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 for more information.