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Team Concept

Posted in News Articles on 06/01/2010

Every client is assigned a Team Manager who monitors and oversees their account.  This Team Manager has at least 10 years of experience and has worked his/her way up through the ranks at BackTrack.  We do not hire our managers from outside of the company and have a strong belief that promotion should come from within, from those who understand our business and our clients’ needs.

Each Team Manager has team of investigators who report to them and who are familiar with your specific requirements and needs.  All team members know that our clients are the reason we are successful and work hard to return information to your company as quickly and as completely as possible.

Providing customer service is not just a phrase at BackTrack – it’s our way of doing business.  If you have questions on your reports or wish to change procedures, just contact your Team Manager.

Contact BackTrack to learn how our team can be part of your team.