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Credentials / Professional State Licensing Searches

Posted in News Articles on 07/10/2010

Does your candidate have the necessary credentials to perform his or her duties?  Does your company accountant have the CPA license as stated on the resume?  Does the nurse treating your patients have an RN license?  Is the company counsel you want to hire a licensed attorney?

Verifying a professional license is essential when a prospective employee will be in a position that requires such a license.  These credentials may be required by law, or may qualify an applicant for certain positions. In either case, it is important to verify that such licenses are in good standing, and that you are aware of any negative information on file with the licensing agency.  Searches may also identify any restrictions or violations associated with the license.

Does your company need to verify that your employees have the licenses or credentials they are stating?  If so, are you using BackTrack to verify those credentials?  We can verify if the applicant holds a license, when it expires and whether there are any disciplinary actions against the applicant, all important areas to consider when hiring someone to help protect against fraud.  We can also work with your company to check that these licenses are still active and valid after hire.

Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694 to request license verifications or for more information.