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BackTrack Web Retrieval

Posted in News Articles on 08/17/2010

Background Check Web ApplicationBackTrack offers a free web retrieval site for our clients to access their screening reports from any computer with internet capabilities. How user friendly is the system? Very! Users are assigned a user name and password to access their reports from any computer with internet capabilities any time of the day, any day of the week.

So, once a user goes to our web retrieval site, what is available? We like to keep our clients informed of issues that may impact their companies, and on the main log in page, you’ll find links to important news relating to background checks or other issues that may be of interest to your company.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to reports that you have ordered.  Based on your company’s parameters, clients can choose to set up who sees what reports – only those sent in by a specific contact, the entire division or by the whole company.  Reports are noted by location and cost code for those who view reports for an entire company, so that they can be easily identified.

The first column lets you know what reports you have not yet viewed or which reports have been updated since you last viewed them to make it easier to keep track of your orders.

The third column allows you to view the report as a .pdf file that can either be saved to your computer or emailed to another decision making staff member.  This version of the report looks the same as if we emailed or faxed the report to your office.

The fourth column alerts you to any areas of concern on a report.  Alerts can include discrepancies with the applicant’s provided information, criminal records and other areas that need to be reviewed by your staff.

The fifth column allows you to view report by section.  If you wish, you can send a specific section to a decision maker and keep the rest of the information confidential.  In this version of the report, if you have a question you can either click the investigator name to send an email or call because the Investigator’s extension is also listed.

The sixth column allows staff members in your company to make notes on an applicant.  This is especially useful if there are several people who review individual reports.  Notes can include scheduling for drug testing, questions a staff member has about an area of a report that needs more input from the applicant or anything of use to you.  These notes are only viewable by your staff members, so if you do have a question that you would like for BackTrack to answer, please send them directly to our office by using the investigator name link or by calling our office.

The seventh column will show you a summary of the entire report listing what is done and what is in progress.  Simply click on the status and the summary will appear.

The eighth column allows your company to print pre and final adverse action letters that can be sent to the applicant.  There is also a link above this area which allows you to print a Summary of Rights from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which must be included with the report and when sending out adverse action letters.

The ninth column allows you to archive reports once a hiring decision has been made.  Simply click Archive and this will move the applicant out of the active reports; however, you can still access these reports by searching through your archived reports.

The tenth and eleventh columns are useful for clients who have access to an entire division or company and allows you to easily see which report belongs to which division.  It is also helpful if you assign cost codes based on departments.

There are search options available at the top of the page which allows you to an search by applicant name, date range, applicant cost code and many others.  Searching by Status allows you to look for active, archived or closed reports.

Using our website also allows your company to store and retrieve reports indefinitely.  Storage is done on our servers, freeing up yours for other uses.  And as always, this option is available at no additional charge to your company.

Want a demonstration?  Click here and log in for a demonstration.  The user name and password are demo/demo.

Interested in this user-friendly system or have other questions about it?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.