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Software Technology at BackTrack

Posted in News Articles on 08/10/2010

Does your current background screening provider offer your company choices of how to receive your reports or your invoices?  Does your provider give you flexibility to sort invoices by applicant name, cost code or any other criteria you decide?  Do you have to do it their way or the way you want things done?

At BackTrack, we do things the way you want them.  Our software and reporting systems are proprietary software we wrote in-house which allows us the flexibility to customize invoices and reports based on our clients’ needs and to make changes as they are needed by our clients.   Our clients are allowed to request reports or changes that they feel are necessary, and our system is flexible enough to adapt to those changes quickly and easily.   We also have the capability to interface with Human Resource software packages and are HR-XML compliant. Provide us with the systems you are using and we will set up our system to integrate seamlessly with yours.

Contacts who order online or use our online report retrieval will have nearly instant access to check that reports have been received by our office.  When a report has been received and logged in by our office, it appears on the website stating that it was received.  You can then track the progress of the report online.

We are flexible and accepting of change, and our attitude toward the way we deliver our services reflects this.  We mold our reports to meet your unique needs and standards and want to demonstrate this flexibility with your company.  We believe in adapting to meet the needs of our clients, not our clients adapting to meet our needs.

Interested in a flexible background screening company?  Contact BackTrack for more information.