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How Does BackTrack Verify Employments?

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions on 10/01/2010

Where does BackTrack get the information they provide to my company to verify employment?  How much information will I receive?  How do you contact these companies?  How often?

BackTrack has a seasoned staff of trained investigators who contact companies directly to verify employment.  Our staff is fully trained and works onsite in our office; we do not offshore your applicants’ data.

Our staff makes every effort to verify employment and include supervisory comments along with the verification.  Whenever possible, we do speak with the applicant’s current or past supervisors to gain additional details regarding work habits, duties and other areas.

Companies are contacted for verification in several ways.  We always try first to reach supervisors and HR Departments over the telephone.  If we are unable to speak directly with someone for verification on our first call, we also take the extra steps to obtain fax numbers and / or email addresses and send our requests that way.  We have created databases that contain phone and fax numbers for employers – one for all of the companies that have been previously contacted by BackTrack and one that contains corporate information where verification can be obtained.  All of these databases are kept up-to-date.

If we are unable to receive verification on the first day, we do follow up daily with both the HR Departments and the supervisors.  We make every effort to obtain verification for all of the employers; however, if we have been unsuccessful and do need to close a component without verification, if verification is obtained later it does get added to the report.  At least three attempts are made to verify employment and reference information. An attempt is considered a call where a message is left or a request for a fax is made with the fax being sent.  Attempts do not include busy signals, no answer or others where we were unable to reach someone or leave a message.

We realize that companies count on us to provide as much detail on their prospective employees as can be obtained and to do it quickly.    Our investigations staff take pride in their work and excel at getting information to you – information that can help with your hiring decision.

Interested in working with a company who provides this level of service to your company?  Contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.