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Data Protection / Privacy

Posted in News Articles on 10/01/2010

BackTrack has strict data protection and privacy policies in place to help safeguard against compromising an applicant’s identity.  What procedures does your company have in place to protect the data that you receive from BackTrack?

Our website requires users to change their passwords every 90 days and to create strong passwords.  Do your users store this data in a protected file?  Do they leave it on notes on their desk or in their desk drawer?

Do you print out the reports from our website?  If so, where do you store them?  In the applicant’s employment file or elsewhere?  What if the employee is no longer employed or was not hired?  Where do those files go?  Do you forward the background reports onto key staff members to review the results?  What happens to those reports?

When we no longer need a computer or we dispose of storage media, we take steps to insure that data has been either wiped off or the CD/DVD has been destroyed.  How does your company dispose of computers or other storage?  Does your IT department ensure that data has been removed or cannot be accessed?

When we get rid of photocopiers, we take steps to remove any stored data.  Is your company aware that data can be kept on a copy machine and accessed by others?

Are you aware of federal and state data privacy laws?  Does your company have a comprehensive data security / privacy policy?  If not, the FTC has some great resources for companies of all sizes.

Interested in BackTrack’s information security policy, click here or call 800-991-9694.