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Diploma Mills

Posted in News Articles on 01/14/2011

With all the news stories over the past year regarding diploma mills and falsified educational backgrounds, one would think that the incidences of these turning up in background checks would be shrinking.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Google “diploma mill” and over 343,000 results are returned.  Do the same with “fake degrees” and over 486,000 results are returned.  Enter “buy a diploma” and over 5 million results are returned!

With so many people looking for employment and with indicators showing that hiring will be on an upswing this year, it is important to verify that your candidates have the educational experience that they claim from an accredited school.

At BackTrack we maintain a database of schools from around the world, including those known as diploma mills, and can help your company avoid the negative publicity that comes from hiring employees who misrepresent their credentials or who purchase a degree from a diploma mill.