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The Education Verification Process

Posted in News Articles on 06/21/2012

BackTrack understands how important education verification is to our clients.  We allow each client to choose the level of education verification that is most relevant to their hiring process. 

• College Degree – We are able to obtain verification of any level of college degree, including PhD, MBA, Bachelors or Associates.  As most colleges file their records by social security number, a candidate’s social security number is critical to the verification process.  At times, archived records are filed by name at time of graduation.  Having this information available helps expedite processing.

• College Attendance Dates – Verification of college enrollment dates is verified by the same methods as a degree.  We are generally able to verify enrollment dates and major course of study.  Anticipated graduation dates are verifiable at certain times as well.

• High School Diploma – Since high school records are filed by year of graduation and name at time of graduation, it is imperative that our investigators have this information available.  This is particularly important for female candidates who may have had a name change since graduation.

• GED Certificate – While a GED Certificate is considered equivalent to a high school diploma, it is issued by the state in which it is earned, rather than a specific school.  Each state maintains its own files and provides verification by a different method.  The following information is most often required to process verification:  full name at time of testing, social security number, date of birth, and date and location of testing center.

At times it is unclear from the application or resume exactly what an applicant is trying to tell us (or not tell us) regarding their education.   We review all documentation provided and request clarification from the applicant or client as needed. 

Each educational institution establishes its own policies regarding the method by which they will provide verification.  Some verify by phone, others by fax, and still others by mail for a fee.  There are additionally those institutions that use a third-party service which charges a fee to release information. 

BackTrack maintains a database of educational institutions which is continually updated to reflect the most recent verification procedures.  We periodically contact these establishments to verify that their method of verification is current and accurate in our database.

Rest assured that BackTrack does everything possible to expedite education verification.  Having full and complete information available on your candidates goes a long way to assist in this process.  For more information on this topic, contact BackTrack at 800-991-9694.