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States and Credit Reports

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 07/24/2012

Several states have enacted limitations / prohibitions on the use of credit reports for employment purposes.  These states do allow them to be used for employment, in general, for management positions, where federal or state law applies, for employees who have fiduciary responsibilities or where a bona fide business need applies.

The following states have some prohibitions on the use of credit reports for employment screening purposes.  Click on the state for the specifics of each state’s law.

California – AB22 effective 01/01/2012

Connecticut – PA 11-223 effective 10/01/2011

Hawaii – HB31 SD1 CD1effective 07/01/2009

Illinois – 850 ILCS effective 01/01/2011

Maryland – SB 132 effective 10/01/2011

Oregon – SB1045 effective 03/29/2010

Vermont – S.95 effective 07/01/2012

Washington – effective 07/22/2007

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Each state above will open into a hyperlink for each statute.