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The Benefits of Conducting Exit Interviews

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 10/18/2012

Companies commit a significant amount of time and resources to recruit, interview and train new employees. The revenue lost when these employees resign is substantial. Determining why employees leave is one key to taming turnover. A structured exit interview program can help identify the answer.

Exit interviews uncover information employers can utilize to improve their operations. Departing employees may provide insight into process improvements, staff development, and even potential litigation issues. In addition, giving the departing employee the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences allows them to leave with positive feelings about the company, which is always beneficial.

There are many advantages to outsourcing your exit interview program to BackTrack. The immediacy and anonymity of our online survey increases participation. As a third party, we will be perceived as objective by departing employees, which will elicit more honest and candid information. We offer a web-based exit interview system that allows you to customize questions to fit your organization. Additionally, our system allows you to generate different reports and charts by graphing the feedback provided by former employees. This valuable information will help you identify training needs, measure the progress of diversity initiatives, discover opportunities to enhance productivity, and even assist you in pinpointing successful programs that may be replicated in other parts of your organization.

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