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Diploma Mills Shut Down

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 11/14/2012

We have always tried to educate our clients on issues that affect their background screening.  One of the long running problems has been diploma mills.  We have some good news – several well known mills have been under scrutiny and have faced sanctions ranging from fines to being completely shut down this year.

In June of this year, Belford University / Belford High School lost a $22.7 million federal class-action lawsuit claiming they offered bogus degrees and high school diplomas.  As of the writing of this story, the school is still in operation, but they have been ordered to turn over their domain names to the law firm for the Plaintiffs.  No word yet on when they will follow the court order.

Another diploma mill shell operation for Sunshine High School and Senford High School was shut down in August of this year.  The GED Testing Service LLC and the American Council on Education successfully sued to shut down the schools and their numerous websites for trademark infringement of the federally registered GED® mark.  Websites for those institutions now direct the user to a notice that the schools were fraudulent and are now closed.

Both of these are victories, but there are still hundreds of diploma mill schools in operation.  BackTrack will continue to monitor these cases and keep you up-to-date as others happen. 

For more information on this diploma mills, contact BackTrack at 900-991-9694.