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Enhance your Criminal Searches with CrimeTrack

Posted in News & Events, News Articles, Uncategorized on 02/07/2013

The mobile society we live in today makes it easier than ever for potential employees to hide a criminal record.  How do we locate a record if the candidate doesn’t provide us with the location?

BackTrack recommends adding CrimeTrack to your criminal package to assist in finding these records.  For one low fee, CrimeTrack covers over 501 million criminal records retrieved from all 50 states.  It also includes a full 50 state sex offender database search. 

CrimeTrack is the most comprehensive database search available to non-law enforcement entities.  The records are compiled from state courts, correctional institutions, various sex offender databases, plus BackTrack’s own proprietary database. 

BackTrack follows all guidelines established by the FCRA for database searches.  Prior to reporting any information regarding a conviction obtained from the database, we will go directly to the official repository of records for that jurisdiction to verify all information. 

Click here to see the listing of records covered under our CrimeTrack search, or contact our office directly at (800) 991-9694.