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Child Safety Screenings

Posted in News & Events, News Articles on 08/07/2013

All parents want their children to be in a safe environment, whether that is at a childcare facility, a school, or at an extra curricular activity.  While the buildings and grounds of the facilities are important considerations, it is crucial that the people interacting with your children be of the highest caliber.

Parents have every right to ask what type of background check is conducted on potential child care providers, coaches, camp workers, program volunteers and troop leaders.  Be sure these individuals have no criminal history relating to children or violence, and ask how often the screenings are run.  A single background check at hire is not enough, as it can allow for someone who commits an offense at a later date to remain on staff.

Parents should also inquire as to which background screening agency was used, and whether the agency is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  Members of NAPBS meet the highest expectations of their clients and lawmakers.

BackTrack is proud to have earned the additional distinction of being accredited by NAPBS.  Less than two percent of all screening companies have earned this honor.  This accreditation validates our industry-leading standards and validates our clients’ trust in our service.

Background check requirements vary greatly by state and by the type of child care or volunteer option being utilized.  Contact BackTrack at (800) 991-9694 for more information.